Our mission

Flat Breads is a gourmet specialty sandwich shop focused on servicing unique, delicious rolled sandwiches in a popular flatbread style. We take extra care to ensure our customers are always satisfied, placing an emphasis on personal service and hospitality. With over 25 years in business, our team has mastered the art of making a fantastic rolled sandwich and continues to be one of the few Boston-based shops that exclusively offers gourmet flatbread-style sandwiches.

Our core mission is to deliver outstanding, fresh food in a quick, efficient manner. We do this while maintaining top-notch quality standards in the service of superior ingredients.

Our current menu is tailored to fit our customers' favorite tastes and those of our loyal fans. It includes the essential classic sandwiches everyone loves, while also offering the ability to create your own customized rolled sandwich. A very popular "Special Sandwiches" board also features seasonal Holiday and Harvest ingredients filled with various international flavors, including traditional, savory Korean, Jamaican, and Indian ingredients.

The loyal patronage of our customers is the key ingredient and primary reason for our continued success. Most small businesses, such as ours, do not last longer than 25 months, let alone 25 years.

Every day we bring an absolute dedication and commitment to make our customers happy, delivering delicious rolled sandwiches that have kept people coming back for more. Our doors have stayed open for over 25 years, and will continue to stay open for many more; a true testament to our loyal and supportive customers.


We always listen intently to our customers, taking their recommendations and feedback to heart. The personal relationships and responsibility to our patrons are at the core of our great hospitality. It is our belief to always give more than you receive.

We pride ourselves on customizing each and every order specifically to the customer's preferences. At Flat Breads there are absolutely no pre-made sandwiches.

Next time you are hungry be sure to stop by, say "hi" to our team, and taste 25 years of experience perfecting the flatbread-style rolled sandwich. We look forward to seeing you.